Razor Cartridge

Razor Cartridge

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Without six blades, you haven’t truly shaved.

The core of a man’s skincare routine is his shave. Whether you’re fighting the daily five o’clock shadow or only need a touch-up a couple of times a week, there’s no better choice for your skin than Razor Haus’ own razor cartridges. Sharp enough to give every man the closest shave, our cartridges help you look your very best always. We’ve worked hard to deliver a cartridge that makes shaving at home as pleasurable and as effortless as a barber shave, so you can treat yourself every morning

The secret of our razors

A gentleman never tells, but we’ll let our inner circle in on what makes our razors so special: six blades. Quite simply, nothing feels as smooth or effortless as a six-blade shave. Combined with a lubricating strip formulated to help our blades glide across the skin, you’re guaranteed an exceptional shave each and every time.

The design of our razor is as easy on the eye as it is on your face. A pivoting head ensures a superior grip on the face while giving you complete control over every swipe. For detail work, our precision trimmer ensures clean lines, meticulous sideburns and neatness under the nose, ensuring that you’re looking as sharp as our cartridges every day whether you’re clean-shaven or not.

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