Daily Shave Pack <span style="color:red;">Best seller!!</span>

Daily Shave Pack Best seller!!

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Making shaving a joy, every morning

The perfect base for a perfect shave.

• Classic Razor Handle
• Razor Cartridge (4 x razor heads)
• Liquid Shaving Lather
• After Shave Cooling Tonic


Get the experience you’ve been looking for with Razor Haus’ six-blade cartridges, delivering a closer, smoother and gentler shave than any other. With an in-built lubrication strip, our blades glide across even the roughest skin, helping every man look his very best. Made from high-quality stainless steel, you can expect a long, rust-free life from each and every one of our cartridges, giving you clean shave after clean shave.


A good razor needs more than just a sharp blade. The perfect partner to our cartridges, Razor Haus’ razor handles deliver the control you need when and where you need it. Ergonomically designed, they sit comfortably in your hand, giving you the precision you need. Whether you’re looking to sculpt the sharpest sideburns, moustaches and beards or just want a nick-free clean shave, it all starts with the right handle.


For the smoothest shave, you need the right lubrication. Our Liquid Shaving Lather gives you the perfect blank canvas for your next shaving masterpiece, helping you cut closer and get a more comfortable shave. Specially formulated with shea butter to moisturise, calendula to minimise irritation and chamomile for a mild, fresh scent, it’s a great foundation for your skincare routine.


Fight irritation and achieve clearer skin with Razor Haus’ After Shave Cooling Tonic. A soothing combination of aloe, witch hazel, eucalyptus and barley leaves skin refreshed and toned. Don’t give in to razor burn. Put out the fire and cool off with help from Razor Haus.