Classic Razor Handle

Classic Razor Handle

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Helping you get a handle on your morning routine.

A sword’s nothing without the hilt. Razor Haus helps you get the most from our six-blade razor cartridges with our durable, ergonomically-designed razor handle. Built from the ground up to the same exacting specifications as all of our products, it’s the quiet achiever in our starter packs that helps the others shine that much brighter. If you’re a person who respects quality in the little things, discover what a difference our handle can make to your routine.

Our razor handles – Perfection in every little detail

At Razor Haus, we want your morning routine to be more than a chore – we want it to set the tone for your entire day. To ensure that you walk out the front door looking and feeling better than ever, we’ve worked hard to ensure that every little part of your shaving kit is up to the highest standards, and that includes our handle.

Inspired by classic designs but with a modern twist, our razor handle is an indispensable part of your morning routine, helping you get the flexibility and grip you need to get the closest, smoothest shave. Included free when you subscribe to our Razor Delivery Plan, our handles allow you to enjoy baby-smooth skin without the nicks. Transform your morning routine with help from Razor Haus, delivering quality men’s skincare to your door. Order today and discover the way that your shave could be with our extensive range.