Skin Care and Shaving Guide

Men’s Skincare and Shaving Guide

Skincare can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Razor Haus makes looking sharp straightforward. With our carefully curated collection of high-quality products, there’s just three steps between you and your best skin.

1. Cleanse & Wash

It’s a dangerous world out there for skin. Whether you’re working in an office, going for a run, or hitting the town, your skin is exposed to all kinds of impurities. Our Power Wash Cleansing Gel makes short work of it all. Just jump in the shower, lather some up and work it onto your face, washing off with warm water.

2. Scrub & Exfoliate

Don’t reach for the towel just yet. The next step is removing the built-up debris on your face – dead skin cells, excess oil, dirt trapped in pores. A small amount of our Activated Skin Scrub massaged into your face helps one to three times a week to ensure that your skin is always at its cleanest and brightest.

3. Moisturise

Dry off and treat your skin to a dollop of our Intense Moisture moisturiser, helping to stop skin from looking aged and dehydrated.

Two steps to a cleaner, smoother shave.

1. Shave

 Now it’s time to get down to business. Apply our Liquid Shaving Lather to your wet face and work to your desired consistency before getting to work with our razor. With six blades and an ergonomic handle, you’ll get the close, nick-free shave you’ve been looking for. 

You can shave without showering just by wetting your face, but a warm shower before a shave softens the bristles and opens up the pores, giving you a closer shave.

2. Tone

 Even the gentlest shave can slightly irritate the skin. Treat yourself with a dash of our After Shave Cooling Tonic, applying liberally to the face to soothe, tone and calm the skin.