The modern gent sure has his work cut out for him. Between balancing a busy schedule and an equally demanding social calendar, it can be hard to stay on top of the basics. And when the basics make the difference between looking your best and feeling caught off guard, getting it right is important.

Put your best face forward with style with Razor Haus. We make your skincare routine a joy, giving you simple, easy to use and effective products that have you looking and feeling great. Think of us as that ever-reliable friend or Best Man that will never let you down.

We offer everything the modern man needs to look sharp. From premium razors giving you a shave close enough to push that five o’clock shadow back to after dinner, to gentle and soothing cleansers helping you remove every trace of even the hardest days from your pores, we make looking your best each day easy.

Skincare can be a chore, and that’s before you even get in the bathroom. Deciding between oil and water-based cleansers, clarifying and hydrating toners on top of a million other products, finding the routine that’s right for you can be a pain.

Razor Haus makes perfect skin straightforward. Whether your skin is dry, oily, smooth, rough or anywhere in between, our skincare products help you cleanse, brighten and refresh your skin. Using only premium, naturally derived ingredients, we deliver the care your skin has been craving.

Aspire to feel your best each day and look your best from Monday to Sunday with the Razor Haus range.

We keep our customers close, and our shaves closer.

Here’s why you’ll love Razor Haus:


Six blades deliver the closest shave ever, while the ergonomic design means that there’s no such thing as ‘too close for comfort’, leaving skin smooth, fresh and nick-free.

Superior service

Our shaving solution works as hard as you do. Choose your plan based on your shaving frequency and skincare needs and ensure you’ll never be caught out with a blunt razor or empty bottle again.

Unparalleled convenience

We conveniently deliver to your door. So you can look sharp, whenever opportunity knocks. Questions, comments, or compliments? Contact Us or check out our FAQs

Questions, comments, or compliments?
Contact Us or check out our FAQs