Activated Skin Scrub

Activated Skin Scrub

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Providing the deep clean your skin needs.

Clear, smooth, evenly-toned skin takes more than just a daily clean and moisturise. If you’re looking to make your skin the best it can be, discover what a difference regular exfoliation can make. Formulated to deliver the greatest benefits to all skin types, Razor Haus’ Activated Skin Scrub helps men everywhere get the skin they deserve. A crucial part of our skincare packs, it delivers that extra support needed to keep skin glowing day in, day out.

Why choose an activated skin scrub?

The difference between your skin at its best and a distant second could be a bit of exfoliation. Every day, our skins are exposed to airborne pollutants, dust, and all kinds of other nasties which slowly builds up in our pores. On top of this, we’re constantly shedding dead skin cells, which have a nasty habit of hanging around on top.

The end result is a layer of debris that doesn’t let your properly cared for skin shine through. That’s where our Activated Skin Scrub comes in. Think of it like a weekly deep clean for your skin – helping you get into every corner and pore, removing all of that debris and ensuring your skin is spotless.

This powerful scrub uses real charcoal to draw out dirt and absorb excess oil that can clog pores. Lactic, Salicylic, and Mandelic Acids dissolve dead skin cells and help to prevent ingrown hairs, while Bamboo Powder and natural particles slough away the loosened cells, uncovering the fresh skin beneath. Skin is smoothed, retexturized, and properly prepped for the rest of the RH range.

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