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Liquid Shaving Lather
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The secret sauce making your morning shave great.

A great shave is a tag-team effort. First, you’ve got to get the right blades, and there’s nothing that gives a smoother shave than Razor Haus’ six-blade cartridges. Second but no less important is ensuring that you’ve got the right lubrication. Our Liquid Shaving Lather makes getting the closest shave of your life just so comfortable. Look sharp the effortless way with Razor Haus.

The difference a good shaving lather can make

Shaving can be rough on the skin. The wrong products or the wrong approach can lead to irritation, cuts, bumps and ingrown hairs – all things the modern man just does not have time for.

If you’re someone who needs quality that fits into your calendar, our Liquid Shaving Lather is here for you. Inspired by classic shave creams but evolved for the modern man, our state-of-the-art formulation starts off as a liquid cream, but quickly morphs into a rich lather. Calendula, Shea Butter, and Chamomile calm the skin as they moisturize for the closest, smoothest shave that leaves skin in prime condition.

The right shaving lather makes shaving faster, safer, more comfortable and more effective, giving you the premium experience that you and your skin deserve.

Get your day off to the right start and let Razor Haus make your morning routine all it can be. Order our Liquid Shaving Lather and discover the big difference that the little things can make.

Activated Skin Scrub
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Providing the deep clean your skin needs.

Clear, smooth, evenly-toned skin takes more than just a daily clean and moisturise. If you’re looking to make your skin the best it can be, discover what a difference regular exfoliation can make. Formulated to deliver the greatest benefits to all skin types, Razor Haus’ Activated Skin Scrub helps men everywhere get the skin they deserve. A crucial part of our skincare packs, it delivers that extra support needed to keep skin glowing day in, day out.

Why choose an activated skin scrub?

The difference between your skin at its best and a distant second could be a bit of exfoliation. Every day, our skins are exposed to airborne pollutants, dust, and all kinds of other nasties which slowly builds up in our pores. On top of this, we’re constantly shedding dead skin cells, which have a nasty habit of hanging around on top.

The end result is a layer of debris that doesn’t let your properly cared for skin shine through. That’s where our Activated Skin Scrub comes in. Think of it like a weekly deep clean for your skin – helping you get into every corner and pore, removing all of that debris and ensuring your skin is spotless.

This powerful scrub uses real charcoal to draw out dirt and absorb excess oil that can clog pores. Lactic, Salicylic, and Mandelic Acids dissolve dead skin cells and help to prevent ingrown hairs, while Bamboo Powder and natural particles slough away the loosened cells, uncovering the fresh skin beneath. Skin is smoothed, retexturized, and properly prepped for the rest of the RH range.

Intense Moisture
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Creating soft, healthy-looking skin

Our busy lives are often very tough on our skin. From sweating it out under the sun on an outdoor bike ride, to getting bathed in pollutants just walking around our cities, there’s no lifestyle that leaves your skin untouched. Treat it right with Intense Moisture from Razor Haus, helping you look and feel the way you want.

Why should I use a moisturiser? 

Cleansing is half of the equation. If you’re diligent about keeping your skin clear of the bad stuff with our cleansers and scrubs, the next step is putting some good stuff in to replace it. Cleansing takes out a lot of dirt, but it also removes our skin’s natural oils. Too much of these can definitely be a bad thing, but our skin needs a bit of moisture to avoid that dehydrated look.

That’s where Intense Moisture comes in. A moisturiser suitable for use on all skin types, it helps to nourish and hydrate skin, leaving it soft, supple and vital.For skin that needs a major dose of moisture, there’s no better choice. Vitamin E, Copper Peptides, and Avocado and Jojoba oils are mixed with a Hyaluronic Acid cream to quench thirsty skin, ensuring you avoid that dried out appearance and keeping you looking sharp.

Learn why so many men choose the Razor Haus range and add our Intense Moisture moisturiser to your daily skincare routine. Order today and become a Razor Haus man.

After Shave Cooling Tonic
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Keeping it cool every morning

Treat your skin after a quality shave. Keep your skin soothed and clear with the After Shave Cooling Tonic from Razor Haus. Formulated for every skin type from dry to oily to combination to sensitive, it’s the perfect choice for any man looking to add a little something special to their skincare routine. Say no to razor burn and yes to a better start to your day with specially formulated products from Razor Haus.

The power of a good after shave

This is not your father’s aftershave. The final piece of your skincare puzzle, our After Shave Cooling Tonic caps off your routine, helping your skin look and feel its very best. Using a diverse range of premium botanical ingredients  including Aloe, Witch Hazel, Eucalyptus, and Barley, we’ve created a tonic that helps fight that awful post-shaving scratchy feeling, leaving skin calmed, toned and cooled.

Even the sharpest razor blades can cause mild irritation. The After Shave Cooling Tonic works to balance skin’s pH and soothe any irritation that shaving may have left behind. Comfort doesn’t have to cut into the rest of your day – simply apply the tonic to your hands and massage into your skin to start feeling the effects immediately.

Life’s lived one day at a time, make each day better than the last with a luxurious skincare routine. Order our products individually or in a convenient pack today and become a Razor Haus man.
Power Wash Cleansing Gel
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Helping you get that brand new day feel.

Start each day feeling refreshed. The Power Wash Cleansing Gel from Razor Haus helps you step out the door feeling like a new man, helping you wash dirt and pollutants out of your skin. Gentle on your skin but tough where it needs to be, our cleanser helps you leave yesterday behind ensuring you can focus on the day ahead. Discover what  fresh skin really feels like with the Razor Haus range.

A cleansing gel just for you

Suitable for use with all skin types, our Power Wash Cleansing Gel delivers that just-washed feeling you need to start your day off on the right foot. The all important first step in any skincare routine, a good clean ensures that you’re not putting your products on dirty skin, helping you get the full effect of your entire regime. Thoroughly removing all dirt and debris, it leaves skin squeaky clean, giving you the perfect foundation for a close shave or a bit of TLC from a moisturiser. Specially formulated to help boost skin’s performance, essential fatty acids help to regenerate skin cells for firm, clear, clean skin that feels as good as it looks.

If you’re looking for the right way to start every day, look no further than the Razor Haus collection, delivering quality skincare and lifestyle products to every man in Australia. Order today and ensure that you’re giving your skin the care it needs.