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The modern gent sure has his work cut out for him, Razor Haus is here to help you put your best face forward with style.

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Daily Shave Pack Best seller!!
Regular price $65

Making shaving a joy, every morning

The perfect base for a perfect shave.

• Classic Razor Handle
• Razor Cartridge (4 x razor heads)
• Liquid Shaving Lather
• After Shave Cooling Tonic


Get the experience you’ve been looking for with Razor Haus’ six-blade cartridges, delivering a closer, smoother and gentler shave than any other. With an in-built lubrication strip, our blades glide across even the roughest skin, helping every man look his very best. Made from high-quality stainless steel, you can expect a long, rust-free life from each and every one of our cartridges, giving you clean shave after clean shave.


A good razor needs more than just a sharp blade. The perfect partner to our cartridges, Razor Haus’ razor handles deliver the control you need when and where you need it. Ergonomically designed, they sit comfortably in your hand, giving you the precision you need. Whether you’re looking to sculpt the sharpest sideburns, moustaches and beards or just want a nick-free clean shave, it all starts with the right handle.


For the smoothest shave, you need the right lubrication. Our Liquid Shaving Lather gives you the perfect blank canvas for your next shaving masterpiece, helping you cut closer and get a more comfortable shave. Specially formulated with shea butter to moisturise, calendula to minimise irritation and chamomile for a mild, fresh scent, it’s a great foundation for your skincare routine.


Fight irritation and achieve clearer skin with Razor Haus’ After Shave Cooling Tonic. A soothing combination of aloe, witch hazel, eucalyptus and barley leaves skin refreshed and toned. Don’t give in to razor burn. Put out the fire and cool off with help from Razor Haus.

Daily Ritual Pack
Regular price $72

The straightforward way to get the skin you deserve

Active-ingredients to cleanse and energise the skin.

• Power Wash Cleansing Gel
• Activated Skin Scrub
• Intense Moisture


Start your day the right way with Razor Haus’ Power Wash Cleansing Gel. Carefully formulated to be gentle on your skin and tough on dirt, it helps to remove debris, dead skin and pollutants, leaving you with a clean slate for your skincare routine. A thorough cleanse can also help you get a closer shave, removing the grit and grime that can catch the blade.


For when you need the deepest clean. Razor Haus’ Activated Skin Scrub removes built up dirt buried deep in the pores, helping to smooth skin while evening out your tone. The combination of charcoal and lactic, salicylic, and mandelic acids dissolve dead skin and draw out dirt, absorbing excess oil and leaving your skin brighter and clearer. Regular exfoliation can help you get maximum benefits from the rest of the Razor Haus range, helping skin look and feel better for longer.


Transform dry skin. Intense Moisture is Razor Haus’ own specially formulated moisturiser. A tailored mix of vitamin E, copper peptides and avocado and jojoba oils work together to combat dehydration, leaving skin looking brighter and more youthful. If you’re someone who suffers from dry skin – especially on colder days – there’s no better choice than Intense Moisture. Look and feel like a brand-new man with help from Razor Haus.

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Men's Skincare Guide

Skincare can be complicated, but not when you choose Razor Haus

Razor Haus makes looking sharp straightforward. With our carefully curated collection of high-quality product, there's just three steps between you and your best skin.


It's a dangerous world out there for skin. Whether you're working in an office, going for a run, or hitting the town, your skin is exposed to all kinds of impurities.

Our Power Wash Cleansing Gel makes short work of it all. Just jump in the shower, lather some up and work it onto your face, washing off with warm water.


Don't reach for the towel just yet. The next step is removing the built up debris on your face - dead skin cells, excess oil, dirt trapped in pores.

A small amount of our Activated Skin Scrub massaged into your face helps one to three times a week to ensure that your skin is always at its cleanest and brightest.


Dry off and treat your skin to a dollop of our Intense Moisture moisturiser helping to stop skin from looking aged and dehydrated.

Men's Shaving Guide

Two steps to a cleaner, smoother shave

01 - SHAVE

Apply our Liquid Shaving Lather to your wet face and work to your desired consistency before getting to work with our razor. With six blades and an ergonomic handle, you'll get the close, nick-free shave you've been looking for.

You can shave without showering just by wetting your face, but a warm shower before a shave softens the bristles and opens up the pores, giving you a closer shave.

02 - TONE

Even the gentlest shave can slightly irritate the skin. Treat yourself with a dash of our After Shave Cooling Tonic, applying liberally to the face to soothe, tone and calm the skin.

Say goodbye to razor burn and enjoy cleaner-feeling skin all day with RAZOR HAUS.